Retweet our Red Noses

Today is Red Nose Day, which focuses on raising awareness about children living in poverty in a fun and simple way. And since having fun while helping others is pretty much the Delphic Digital mantra, it was a no brainer that we’d put our own noses to the task of helping kids in need!

Employees at Delphic Digital will be doing theirs part on Red Nose day by donning red noses and taking a photo so we can share it on social media sites. Each picture will include the hashtag #DelphieSelfie, so you can search our entire collection of funny faces.


For every retweet, like, share, retweet or regram of a Delphie’s Red Nose photo, Delphic will donate $1 to The Red Nose Fund.  We’re aiming to get 3,000 retweets, likes, shares, or regrams to meet our top donation ($3,000).

Follow along #DelphieSelfie and help us out with a a like, share, retweet or regram.


Let’s have fun, share some laughs, and help kids out!

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