Responsive Design Launch: Sunrise Senior Living, UK

The winter months can be long and gray but a fun project always seems to shed some light on those dreadful seasonal blues.

Responsive Design Launch: Sunrise Senior Living, UK

Our good friends at Sunrise Senior Living in the United Kingdom contacted Delphic last Fall about creating their site in Responsive Design. Last year we wrote about why “Responsive Web Design is the New Black” because it provides a tailored viewing experience for the user across a wide range of devices (including desktop, mobile and tablet). Our team was eager to begin and I was ecstatic about managing my very first Responsive Design project. What a terrific way to kick off 2014!

Launching a Responsive Design requires a lot of cooperation between both Front-End and Back-End development teams and I was very lucky to have a team by my side with the intelligence and skill needed to give the client exactly what they wanted. In fact, my favorite part of working with this project was realizing just how much knowledge my team brings to the table. I’ve been working with some of these people for years and was finally able to push them to the limit and see what they were truly capable of.

Additional kudos has to go out to our amazing QA team. As Kate mentioned in her post about launching the Sunrise US Responsive Design website, a project like this really challenges our QA team. Not only do they have to check the design and functionality of every page on the site, they need to test in multiple browsers, devices and tablets. Good thing the coffee is strong here at Delphic Digital!

Thanks to my wonderful team members, I’m very happy to announce the launch of Sunrise Senior Living UK in Responsive Design. Many, many hours of planning and hard work went into this project and the effort has certainly paid off. It’s always great to start your day post-launch with a client email that reads:

“Very appreciative of all of your hard work and very impressed with new responsive site. Please pass on my thanks to everyone on your team.” – Jeremy Garman, Sunrise Senior Living UK

Take a moment to visit the site and enjoy the new design. Hopefully you are as proud of my team as I am. To follow more of their ideas and insight, check out these team members’ Google+ profiles:

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