Recapping Philly Tech Week 2017

Last week, Delphic joined the larger Philly tech community for one of the best events of the year, Philly Tech Week. From dev talks to celebrations of women in tech to our own event at our Manayunk HQ, here’s what #TeamDelphic got up to during the seventh annual Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast.

Laura Oxenfeld / Business Analyst
Laura truly embraced PTW17 full on, attending over seven events and had this to say about her experience;  “Overall, I think I enjoyed being on the [Career Changers] panel the most, but, in terms of learning, I learned so much at the Interoperability in 2020 even and was surprised and how relevant it was to my work at Delphic. I also found Innovation Day interesting because I learned the ways agencies in Philadelphia are doing IoT, AI, and machine learning projects.”


Allison Murphy / Account Management Intern
“My favorite moment at PTW17 was seeing a diverse group of women talk about their success at the Women in Tech Soiree at WeWork”



Hallie Newman / Traffic Manager
“My favorite moment was connecting with other like-minded (and diverse!) folks in the Philly tech world at the social impact events. People are really eager to use tech to do good and I’m excited to be part of it.”



As massive fans (and annual sponsors) of PhillyCHI, we were pumped that some Delphies made it out to participate in one of their two interactive PTW17 events.

Becky Chan / Sr. UX Designer
“I loved being able to collaborate with new people at the design slam! Learning from people with different experiences is always fun.”



Leah Schrope / Sr. UX Designer
“It was interesting to see how people with different technical backgrounds solve a non technical issue like overflow of garbage in the city. My favorite moment of the Design Slam was when my team came in 2nd place! =)”



Priti Choksi / Account Supervisor
“From Beyond Clicks I learned that every campaign is an experiment – you can constantly learn from the data.”


The Force was definitely with us at our May 4th event, where we turned young marketing padawans into digital testing Jedi.

What was panelist and Director of Analytics, Andrew Richardson’s favorite part of hosting a PTW event? “In that one evening I learned just how amazing the participants of PTW are, how passionate they are, and what amazing questions they ask to learn and grow their careers.”

Missed it? Catch up on #DelphicJedi for marketing wisdom from our panel of Jedi Knights.

Philly Tech Week is always an exhilarating, inspiring, and exhausting week, but thinking back to these events, we’re already counting the days to next year.

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