Recapping BarCamp Philly 2016

Earlier this month, the Delphic crew stepped out to sponsor and support one of our favorite local tech community-led events; BarCamp Philly.

Repeat sponsors (and attendees), we love BarCamp because not only does it bring together some of the area’s most interesting minds, but it gives a normally tech-focused crowd the opportunity to share other facets of their interests and personalities – example: local data champion, Lauren Ancona’s workshop on creating with cement, which was, incidentally, a Delphic team favorite.

This sentiment extends to our own crew of attendees. We encouraged as many Delphies as possible to attend the unconference, in support of their broad interests. This year, we were excited to see that Delphic participation including speaking roles, in addition to attending sessions and staffing the Delphic table (aka, Cookie Central).


When asked about their experiences, the Delphies had a lot to share!

profile_laura_oxenfeldLaura Oxenfeld / Business Analyst

Laura had a triple inside scoop as an attendee, a speaker, and a co-organizer through PhillyCHI. Speaking on The Anatomy of a Business Analyst, Laura has a blast seeing her workshop come to life and, in true BA form, noted ways about how to improve on her workshop in the future.

“Speaking at BarCamp was a great way to kick off my 2017 goal of speaking at more conference and connecting the wider business analyst community here in Philly.”


Zach Kniebel / Technical Architectzach-thumb

“I attended BarCamp with the goal of sharing my knowledge, taking on some new perspectives, and to network with industry professionals. As a presenter of Personalization: Using Modern Web Technologies to Drive User Engagement, my experience was great! A lot of thought-provoking conversation was generated and the audience seemed pretty engaged.”

When asked about his favorite session, Zach shared this gem: “My favorite session was actually my own. I know that I’m biased, but someone from a different industry showed up and added her perspective on how the technology I was discussing was being used in her industry and it generated some really thought-provoking conversation!”


maria-johanssonMaria Johansson / Project Manager

“My favorite session was Urban Beekeeping because it was an awesome topic and the speaker was great! I attended because I was interested to see what an unconference means and it proved a great experience and a very pleasant community to be in! :)”


Wally Zielinski / Front-End Developerwally-thumb

“I primarily attended because I’ve been to a few BarCamps and the positive energy, attitude, and sense of camaraderie has always been fun for me. Everyone there is willing to talk and share their knowledge (in analog, no less!) which gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.

My favorite session was probably the discussion on Technology Driven Politics. In light of the recent political climate, many people were doing talks on the reality of a Trump presidency and what that meant. The discussion we had aimed to find ways to leverage the internet in order to improve voter turnout or provide a space for opposite sides of the aisle to talk policy in non-divisive ways. In seeking actionable ways we could make things better and prevent the toxic political climate we find ourselves in from happening again, we were able to compile a huge list of things we could do, and it really helped provide a road-map for the years ahead.”


evan-thumbEvan Doocy / Web Developer

“I attended because I had a really good experience last year, seeing lots of diverse talks by people of different backgrounds. It was also a really great networking event and getting to hang out with coworkers made it even better.”

Evan’s favorite session? “The urban beekeeping presentation! It’s been a hidden hobby of mine for the past few years, and I’ve been dying to jump in. While I still haven’t made the jump (I will someday!!), I love hearing about the experiences from those that do.”


Missed out on the fun? Scroll through the BarCamp hashtag for session recaps and photos and be sure to keep an eye out for BarCamp Philly 2017 news. We hope to see you there!

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