Reasons to Consider WordPress as a CMS for Simple Sites

Wordpress as a CMS Piladelphia and New YorkHere at Delphic Sage our web site projects are generally larger scale. For these projects, we either tend use our code base to create a custom Content Management System based on Microsoft .NET or for enterprise size projects we usually recommend packaged CMS solutions like Sitecore.

But sometimes, these solutions are just overkill. Smaller clients with simple web site needs or marketing campaigns that need a supporting microsite demand a simpler solution. For these situations we are using WordPress as a CMS.

WordPress is a LAMP (Open Source) based solution whose foundation is as a blogging engine. You can run it on a Windows server (though it has minor some issues that are supposed to be resolved with new Microsoft Server) or preferably on Linux/Apache. With WordPress as a CMS you can still create really engaging visual designs with the power a data-driven engine that makes upkeep much easier.

Reasons to Consider WordPress as a CMS

  • Pages and Posts allow WordPress to accommodate static and dynamic oriented content efficiently
  • Quick hit Themes that can be adjusted or developed from scratch into compelling visual designs
  • No heavy duty development required (usually). For us that means a small team that consists of Project Manager, Web Designer and Front-end Developer
  • Many plug-ins that make extending functionality insanely easy, especially for search engine optimization activities
  • Simple content management allows even novice Internet users to manage a site
  • Easy install, especially if you use a one-click install hosting provider
  • We love their rich text editor, TinyMCE
  • For whatever reason, Google seems to just love WordPress sites
  • It’s the engine for over million blogs and sites, so it’s been around
  • It has a vibrant Open Source community that actively contributes and participates
  • Static web sites are a headache for client and agency alike

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This is usually a hot button topic for those out there who have tried it. Tell us about your experience via Comments section below.

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