Post-Holiday Blues and To Dos for Ecommerce Marketers

After much blood, sweat, tears and emails flying during the fourth quarter, ecommerce marketers are about ready for the pace of work to return to a normal level of crazy. Hold that thought for a just a few more days; there’s a ramp down checklist that’s just as important as the ramp up. Make sure that you aren’t wasting money and capitalize on those bargain hunting and gift card wielding shoppers. Here’s how:

Adjust Spend

For those channels for which you control bidding, adjust bids back to pre-holiday or at least modified holiday levels

  • Leaving bids as they were through holiday will run through a lower budget much more quickly than necessary

Recalibrate budgets — it’s most likely not at the same level as November and December so don’t start the year off on the wrong foot

Now is the time inventory on networks, sites and emails may open up, so leverage their slow time for bonus placements or package deals

Move Inventory

Everyone has just finished opening gift cards from friends, family and co-workers. Maybe they ate a few too many holiday cookies and don’t feel like battling the after Christmas crowds — the perfect time to spend their new gift cards online! Make sure you’re ready for them

Are there new items in your Sale section? Make sure people know and clear out that older inventory

Gather Lessons Learned

There are always quite a few gems that come out of the holiday season: new vendors that worked, old vendors that didn’t, product surprises, messaging updates. Make sure you are applying any new knowledge and amending your 2014 plans accordingly

  • Not everything that happens during the holiday season will apply, so be sure to run tests that are adjusted for off peak

Now that you’ve adjusted for 2014, go ahead, take your blanket and pillow home from work and enjoy the New Year!

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