Philly Tech Week: 2014 Technology Trends That Can Help Your Company

I recently went to a Philly Tech Week event that was hosted by The Marks Group. They discussed how technologies are constantly changing and it may be difficult for some people to keep up with them. Here are the trends and topics that were discussed by The Marks Group, many of which might prove to be vital for your company.

The Cloud

Some of us have heard of it, and some may not even know what it is. It is basically a network of servers that provides some sort of service: storage or accessing applications. It is becoming more important in today’s world because the cost of buying software or extra servers adds up. The Cloud is a way for companies to start saving money by only using what they need, making scalability easy. The Marks Group mentioned that now is a great time to start migrating to The Cloud because there is currently a price slashing war among some major Cloud services companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. So if your company has been thinking about migrating over, now is a good time, but make sure that it is something that your company could actually benefit from.

Big Data

Big Data is basically a massive amount of complex data sets. Big Data is becoming more important because companies need to find a way to interpret these data sets to analyze trends which may help companies become more strategic, make more confident decisions, and find new opportunities to grow the company or generate revenue for it. With the large amounts of data being collected in today’s world and without the people to analyze the data, the data is just being wasted. The Marks Group says that it is important to hire someone just to analyze and interpret the data, but it may not be cost effective for your company since hiring someone in this field demands high rates. So a cost benefit analysis has to be done to see whether hiring a Big Data analyst is right for your company.

Cyber Insurance

Lastly, when considering all of the online services and data your company is collecting, you need to make sure you are protected. Cyber insurance companies have been growing due to the recent and frequent data hacks. Also, many basic insurances do not cover data loss or online hacking, so making sure you have the right coverage is important or else it could cost your company millions of dollars.

Whether your company has been keeping up with these current trends or just starting to learn about them, Delphic Digital would love to hear about your experiences!

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