Our Digital World: Google Glass

Google Glass. What is it? Just another fad that technology nerds (like us here at Delphic) go crazy about? The key to a new Wall-E world where we’re all plugged in, all the time, no longer communicating the old fashioned way, face to face? A digital marketer’s dream?

Answer: maybe none, or all of the above.

Google Glass is one of Google’s latest, deceptively simple creations – a pair of glasses you wear to interact with both your current world and your digital world. To start ‘er up, all you need to say is, “OK, Glass.” Then give a series of commands, like “Record a video.” “Take a picture.” “Map me to [insert new hot restaurant here].”

And then, voila – the action occurs, right from your very own set of smart glasses. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.

Google Glass has me particularly jazzed because of the possibilities it opens up to the world of digital marketing, like personalizing billboards on a highway. So, as I’m driving and wearing my fancy new Google Glass, I’ll look up and see content that not only do I care about, but have directly interacted with over the past few days in a Google search! (Full disclosure: my billboards would display a TON of kitchen equipment, NOOK recommendations, and travel deals. That’s how I roll.)

Right there on that billboard that used to mean nothing to me (because it advertised something ridiculous like Wrestlemania tickets – no offense to you WWE fans out there) is content speaking directly to me….based on previous web interactions… reminding me to go back to that content and do something with it (purchase that chef’s knife, read that best seller, book that flight, and so on). Wild!

This is just one example of personalization that could now happen – outside of our computer screens – by embracing our digital world through Google Glass. I’m excited to find out where this is going to take us – as marketers, consumers, and, ultimately, humans. (Fingers crossed that we don’t end up as massive blobs, floating in chairs, escaping planet Earth.)

Exciting things happening in our digital world!


Kate Dalbey is a Senior Account Manager at Delphic Digital who enjoys cooking, reading, travelling, and eating (not necessarily in that order), as her Google search history will tell you.

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