Ooo la la – Sunrise Quebec Redesign

We are proud to announce our latest redesign for Sunrise Senior Living, Sunrise Quebec. The bilingual site features the Sunrise Communities located in Quebec, Canada, touting Sunrise quality care and services and showcasing the very beautiful (or tres belle) communities – in both English and French.

As you can imagine, styling for longer French words made for interesting discussions with our front-end development team, and we were lucky to have a few people familiar with the French language in our QA group. Our favorite translation? “Alzheimers & Memory Care” is “Soins pour personnes atteintes de la maladie d’Alzheimer ou de troubles de la mémoire” en francais- quite a mouthful to fit in a drop down menu!

Well done, team… or as they say in Quebec – Bon Travail! Bravo!

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