New Hire: Front-End Department

Delphic welcomes new hire Dan O’Kane to the team. Dan dove right into the workload, helping us launch the recent Sunrise Senior Living responsive website, so he’s been hard to track down to share some background. Tell your new fans a little about yourself, Dan.

I joined the Delphic team as a front-end developer, taking what a designer has created and coding their layouts for the web primarily using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Delphic was a great next-step for me because the agency is really growing and moving in a neat direction. I haven’t been here for very long yet, but there’s a great sense of team and a very positive vibe throughout the office. Everyone works well together and we all collaborate to make better finished products/projects.

Prior to joining Delphic, I worked as a front-end developer in a range of different environments, including software development, pharma, and advertising. My degree is in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Outside the office I’m pretty into skateboarding and music. I’m a card-carrying metalhead; I’ve played the drums for 15 years and have been in a bunch of different bands. I’m also on Twitter @danielokane.

Thanks, Dan & welcome aboard!

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