New Bing Features That Delphic Loves

Bing Ads has been making major updates and tweaks to their platform over the past six months, and just a few months ago Bing rolled out their new platform interface and other features. I’m sure a lot of digital marketers were excited about the new features and curious how the new updated interface would feel. 

So, after a few months of working with the new interface and using the new features, here are some favorite things that the Delphic paid search team loves about it:

#1: The Interface

The first thing that the team noticed was how intuitive the new interface was.  Let’s face it, the interface felt more like Adword’s, which made it feel more like home (versus being forced to learn how to navigate two different platforms).  A lot of us digital marketers started working on Adword’s platform before moving on to Bing’s, or, we use Adword’s as the main platform and Bing’s as a secondary, so the team has welcomed the new interface since it makes the entire transition easier for everyone. 

#2: Autotagging

Who remembers taking hours and hours to manually tag urls because of the size of the accounts and the different landing pages that were involved?  We sure remember that here at Delphic! Luckily, Bing has given users a solution: autotagging.  With just a few clicks, you can have all of your urls tagged without the long hours.  

What about the existing parameters or the custom parameters for other tracking platforms that you already have in place, you say?  Well, Bing thought about that too and now there are a couple of options. The first option is that Bing will replace all of your existing parameters with the autotagging parameters, while the second option is to keep the original parameters and append the autotagging.  It’s as simple as that!

#3: Geo Targeting

The geo targeting on Bing Ads used to be pretty basic, but the last few updates have really made Bing’s geo targeting a lot more powerful.  Previously, there were predetermined radius increments (5, 10, etc..), but the new radius targeting can now be in increments of 1!  Delphic also loves how Bing allows you to target at the zip code level, which helps make our targeting more specific.


There are many other new Bing Ads features, but those are just a few things that the paid search team here at Delphic have really been enjoying.  Let us know what new Bing Ads features you enjoy by sharing this post or commenting below!



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