My Digital Life: Jeff Mills

The My Digital Life series shares how Delphic employees interact with technology each day, both for personal and professional use.

Jeff Mills

Senior Front-end Developer

Tell us a little bit about your role at Delphic, Jeff.

I work in the creative department; I’m the middleman between the back-end developers and designers. I translate the web designs into HTML and CSS code. Basically, I make designs interactive.

Give us an example of a recent project you worked on.

We just launched a responsive site for Sunrise Senior Living, which was a huge undertaking. We geek out over projects like that because we love the challenge of using our skills to make something huge look great. The Sunrise site used all the same code for viewing on every device or platform — desktop, mobile, tablet.

What are some tools or hardware that help you do your job?

I can’t live without my dual desktop screen — once you have one you can’t go back. My favorite text editor is Sublime Text because it’s fast and customizable.

I used to mainly be a flash developer but the trend is moving toward HTML5 because browsers caught up to what Flash could deliver.

How do you stay on top of your skills/learning?

It’s in my nature find something I like and teach it to myself. My go-to site is, which always has new ways to use front-end code.

Now that we’ve talked about your role at Delphic, tell us how you geek out at home.

How geeky can I get?

You’re safe here.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, which is a developer’s phone. It’s very open to hacking, so I installed a homebrew ROM that improves battery life and performance after rooting the device. Rooting basically means I have full permissions to do whatever I want to the phone, even editing its source code. There are some great Android developers on the forums, which is where I get the homebrew ROMs.

I’m also building a motorized Nerf machine gun that I’ve modified to fire from the web. I’ve been working on it in small chunks for the past year or so. There’s a webcam on the gun, and when the website goes live, visitors will be able to fire the gun via their keyboard. I have an Arduino processor that controls the functions of the gun: trigger, tilt, and rotation. I’m still in the design phase of the tilt and rotation, but the trigger works great! I have the Arduino connected to a beagleboard which runs the nodejs webserver to connect the gun to the web! The final step will be to hook it to an Ethernet and then it’s ready to go.

Favorite sites/apps?

Can’t live without my G-reader and RSS reader (Ed’s note: looks like you’ll have to find a Google Reader substitute). I also like the XDA-Developers forum, which I check for favorite ROM developers.

Clear Sky Droid is a weather app for sky that I like a lot. It tells you when you’ll have clear nights to go out and look at the sky!

Leave us with some inspiration. What’s a product or service you wish someone would invent?

Free energy.

Special thanks to Jeff Mills for sharing his Digital Life!

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