Mobile Gaming: Unlock the Next Level of Marketing to Women

Video games are no longer the realm of teenage boys confined to basements. With access to games in our pockets via smartphone, on our nightstands via tablet, and on our Facebook wall via high-school classmates and distant relatives, we’re all a click away from being gamers. One billion Angry Birds downloads tells us that quite a few other demographics are now turning their eyes, and thumbs, toward video games.

According to a 2012 report from video game industry research group EEDAR, women are the majority of the mobile gaming market. Some highlights about this new crop of gamers from the Entertainment Software Association’s 2012 Essential Facts:

  • 47% of all video game players are women
  • Women over 18 are one of the fastest growing demographics
  • Adult women make up a greater portion of gamers than males 17 and younger (30% vs 18%)

And why should marketers that are not in the business of creating video games watch this growing trend?


We now have a very valuable new channel to reach our client’s customers. Pause. Restart – we don’t even want to just reach these customers – “engage with” is more appropriate for our web-savvy, smartphone using, tablet reading, Candy Crushing female target.

Naturally, we’re using the actual user data to tell us how and where to engage our targets. We know that 78% of Bejeweled BlitzTM players on Facebook are female. And we can further break down the genres of app games that our female mobile gamers are downloading to their smartphones and tablets. Targeting our customers who engage in social gaming during downtime must now be a strategic element in our digital strategy.


By partnering with Demand Side Platform (DSP) services, we can create specific, data-driven messages to reach these targets. DSPs allow digital agencies like ours to identify and target audiences instead of websites. This partnership also provides more transparency and helps us measure conversions – resulting in a more effective investment of resources for our client.

Our princess may not be playing from the castle, but using her behavioral data we have a pretty good chance of delivering our client’s message during her downtime.

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