Meet Kevin: Head of Talent Acquisition

Meet Kevin Renton, leader of the recruitment charge (have we mentioned we’re hiring?) and lover of all things “sport” (in his native Scotland, they don’t add an s on the end – those crazy Scots!). Kevin is always on the hunt for great people to bring to Delphic, so if you know of anyone, get in touch.

1)     Current Position title

Head of Talent Acquisition

2) Current Position description

I have recently joined Delphic Digital as Head of Talent having moved to Philadelphia from Scotland to marry my now wife – my finest Talent Acquisition to date! With Delphic looking to identify and hire the top digital professionals in the industry, my main focus is communicating the great culture, achievements and values that make up the Delphic story. I go to lots of networking events, tech meet ups and meet potential candidates that are interested in joining the Delphic teams.

I work with the hiring managers, looking at their ongoing needs. It’s a strategic job as the recruitment has to meet the targets of each team so we can excel at meeting the needs of our clients.

Recruitment marketing has also exploded in the last couple of years, so it’s great to lean on the experience of the marketing team here at Delphic, whether that’s through social media campaigns and content marketing or by creating specific adverts.

3) Snapshot of Previous work history

I have been an extra in a movie, an ice hockey player, a DJ and a magazine publisher along with recruiting some of the most dynamic and diverse technology teams for some great companies.

After graduating I recruited technologists in London with Astbury Marsden and Penna before moving to Canada to publish an arts magazine called UKULA. It was a great project, and I got to meet loads of musicians, authors and designers. I then moved back to Scotland where I worked at Head Resourcing helping Hogarth WW to set up their python sprint teams in Edinburgh.

4) College/University info

I graduated from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh with a degree in Accountancy and Information Management

5) Interesting factoids

I have recently enrolled in a martial arts class called Zhang-Sha in South Philly – I have a period of hard work in front of me until I reach the black belt status of our own Charlie Darney.

Don’t ask me to be in your team at Family Feud, though. At a recent Delphic Digital event Family Feud questions were all based on Philadelphia trivia – not being a native to Philadelphia I was the wearer of a blank glaikit (that’s Scottish for foolish, FYI) look on more than one occasion. Kevin Bacon is from Philadelphia?!

However, if you need a partner for Ladder golf – I am your man.

6) Resume Tips

I confused everyone when I first joined Delphic by talking about CVs rather than resumes. Jeff Mills has been trying to Americanize my vocabulary (it’s an ongoing process).

My advice: focus on your digital footprint, whether that’s your LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Twitter or Github profile. I tend to look at them all for consistency and most recruiters and hiring managers will do the same. Most organizations will allow you to apply with your LinkedIn profile, so keep it up to date.

What not to include: there is not one specific thing, but I would go with the general less is more attitude. I would also target your resume for the specific job and organization. We allow pets at Delphic, so putting your dog’s name and picture on your resume is going to get you bonus points. I wouldn’t recommend that for every application though!


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