Meet Cristie, Our Awesome Digital Marketing Consultant

Meet Cristie Setzer, an awesomely amazing new member of our digital marketing team. Read on to get to know our new rock star, and find out what she thinks separates Delphic apart from the rest of the agency pack.

1) Current position

Digital Marketing Consultant

2) Current position description

Supporting optimization & strategy based on performance data for our clients’ digital marketing channels, focusing primarily on Paid Search, Display & Affiliates.

3) Snapshot of previous work history

Worked for a small boutique agency upon graduating college called The JAR Group outside of Wilmington, DE, which is where I started my digital marketing experience managing Affiliate programs across many verticals (lead generation, e-commerce, etc.). Graduated to Ebay enterprise (formerly True Action/GSI Commerce) where I managed Paid Search and Affiliate programs for some of their largest retail clients while taking on client service responsibilities for 2 years. Now I’m here, being awesome.

4) College/University info

Attended & earned my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Delaware with a major in Marketing & minor in Management Information Systems.

5) Anything interesting you may want to share about yourself

I studied abroad in Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong for 5 weeks in college where I went skydiving and bungee jumping, living to tell the tale. I love Harry Potter & Mexican food, hate cold weather & will never turn down karaoke, sangria, or a weekend adventure. My goal in life is to be on the Amazing Race.

6) What sets Delphic apart?

You’ve heard it before, and so have I. “Results driven by data.” Every agency claims to be data driven, but Delphic Digital actually is and it is refreshing to be a part of it. Every decision made here, big or small, is derived from the analytics behind it, with full transparency for our clients. Delphic provides concise & effective reporting (not fluff or filler), allowing time for the marketing team to do what they do best – take REAL action.

Our team divides client hours between “in-the-weeds” real-time optimizing, deep-diving into historical data, and identifying trends & brainstorming new ideas-ultimately dictating strategy & driving performance. And if something doesn’t work, we will tell you. It’s the place to be, and I’m thrilled to be on board.

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