Meet Chloe Yeung – Office Coordinator, Pixar Enthusiast

Delphic’s newest employee is integral to keeping the office cog moving forward. Chloe Yeung joins Delphic as an Office Coordinator and as a recent Drexel graduate where she majored in finance and marketing and earned a BS in Business Administration.

During her interview, Chloe impressed us with her digital marketing experience from her various Drexel internships. And when she started, we knew we’d selected the right candidate to manage our office operations. Chloe’s interest in learning all things digital, contributions to promoting our agency work, and her great personality are a natural fit with each of the Delphic teams she works with throughout the day.

Chloe’s creative and digital interests overlap in her love of all things Disney and Pixar. Chloe loves making her own Halloween costumes — looks like we know what kind of contest Delphic will be having in October. Here’s Chloe sharing one of her favorite handmade costumes.


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