Meet Our Award-Winning Marketing Technology Stack

Fresh from the 2016 MarTech conference in San Francisco! In addition to Mark Patten and I attending the show to network with fellow marketing technologists, Delphic Digital was excited to participate in the 2016 Stackie Awards. This was a chance to show how the we think about Marketing Technology, not to mention contribute to a good cause. The result…we won!  See our visualization and description below:

At Delphic Digital, we fuse data, storytelling, and technology to build digital bridges between our clients’ brand and their customers. In that spirit, these are the tools we use to accomplish that goal.

Acquisition, Nurturing, and Retention are how we view the Delphic Digital client sales & marketing life-cycle. The technology used to keep our clients’ strategies on the cutting edge fall into the Insights & Analytics, Communication, and Productivity categories.

Together, these six categories give a high level view of the digital stack we work with to create digital experiences that enhance our clients’ brands. And, while we do have our favorites, Delphic is tool agnostic, so infinite representations of this stack are possible.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed arguing over which tools belonged in which categories and the exercise opened our eyes to how the same tools can fill different roles, depending on need and position in the process.

Mark Patten with our Stackie Award

The chair of Martech Scott Brinker had some kind words about our stack on

“Delphic Digital for their concept of illustrating a marketing stack as a two-dimensional matrix, indexing marketing capabilities with marketing technology products, making it easy to identify cross-capability platforms and specialized capability point solutions.”

The icing on the cake was MarTech donating $1,000 to The Philadelphia Chapter of GirlDevelopIt on our behalf.

Interested in learning more about Marketing Technology? Scroll through the rest of the Stackie entries below and catch up on our MarTech journey over on Twitter, Instagram, and via the official conference hashtag


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