Manayunk: Great Place to Work; Great Place to Play

I wish I could say that I had an eye on the surrounding physical environment when I started charting Delphic’s future as a digital agency. But I was wholly (and expectedly) focused on the business plan. In the following years as Delphic has grown in headcount and in project billing, I’ve seen first-hand how our office location in Manayunk has contributed to our agency culture – without really even making it a “thing.”

As I’ve been musing on this random topic, I’ve been gazing out my office window at 76 and the regional rail line (traffic is light, and the 2:40 should be whizzing by shortly), also thinking about how, later tonight, many Delphic colleagues and family members will head down to the canal to celebrate the Summer Solstice event and kick off Manayunk’s annual Arts Festival. Say hello if you see any of us!

It occurs to me: how great is it to work in a neighborhood that makes it so easy to enjoy everything you love doing outside the office? So many of Manayunk’s indie shops and restaurants, StrEAT Food Festival and Restaurant Week, share roots with Delphic’s “Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Unique” atmosphere. Don’t mistake working behind computer screens all day as not being creative! Every Delphic role includes an angle of creative problem solving for our digital clients. Just don’t tell our neighbors downstairs in the recording studio and textile design shop – we have a tech geek rep to uphold (along with a pretty serious addiction to Insomnia Cookies on website launch days).


It’s awesome to see my Delphic colleagues walk down to Main Street for lunch together, get in an early morning or mid-day workout at the gym, or network with industry peers at a nearby brewpub after work. I’m pretty well versed in the craft brew happenings, but I’m told there’s also pretty great nail salons on Main Street where you can get a gel manicure and be back at your desk in under an hour.

Traffic is starting to pick up out there, on the highway, which also makes me realize how many different ways people get to Delphic’s office every day. Nothing kills a good day like a horrible commute. Our drivers park for free and we have lots of employees who don’t even have cars – riding the rail, bikes, or even walking into the office. And we’re watching the timeline for Philly Bike Share’s Zone 2 expansion into Manayunk very closely.

Now that I’ve written a substantial Love Note to Manayunk I can hear it getting noisier outside the office. It is a summer Friday after all, and there’s a microbrew to be poured.

See you out and about in Manayunk.


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