Mad-Lib Your Landing Page Headlines with Customer Data

You’ve found out what your customers like about you and organized the results – now put this information to work for you in creating effective landing pages.

Your customers have told you five things:

  1. Purchase prompts
  2. Problems solved (in the form of a WHaLP assessment)
  3. Why you? (organized as a messaging hierarchy)
  4. Adjectives describing benefits
  5. Who’s buying (target audience)

You can use this information Mad-Libs style by creating templates for landing page headlines and subheads and plugging in the results of your survey.

For example, here’s a template:

[Who’s buying, from #5] [top problem, from #2] [top adjective, from #4].
If you’re [top purchase prompt from #1], you can [second problem solved from #2]
with our [second adjective from #4] [what you’re offering]

Filled in, it might look like this:

[HR heads] [clunky interface] [user-friendly]
If you’re [updating intranet], you can [synch leave w/ payroll]
with our [versatile] [software]

This is a great rough draft, which you polish into:

HR heads, replace that clunky interface with a user-friendly system!
If you’re updating your benefits intranet, you can synch personnel leave status reports with payroll information using our versatile software.

Spend some time writing your own templates, and you’ll be able to crank out effective copy very efficiently.

You’ll note we haven’t used #4, why your customers chose you, yet – those reasons will punch up your CTAs (calls to action).

[why you 1] [why you 2] [why you 3]
one month free | great tech support | competitive prices

By using the information your customers give you, you can write copy and CTAs that will resonate with visitors – which will do great things to your conversion rate!

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