List of Official Google Blogs

List of Official Google BlogsGoogle is no longer simply a search engine; it offers an extensive set of tools, features, and applications to increase users’ productivity, knowledge, and organization. Even casual visitors to the Google products page become quickly aware of the wide range of possibilities. Through Google, users can create blogs, share their photos, manage their email, and even create three-dimensional models, just to name a few options. In order to keep pace with new features developed on a regular basis, a list of official google blogs is a convenient reference tool. This list of official google blogs is a good starting point for those who want to make the most out of Google, rather than just typing terms in its search box.

Google enthusiasts can easily devote hours to entering search queries for official google blogs, so the following is a collection of those that are the most popular. The list of official google blogs will very likely continue to grow and build on itself in the future. The number of official google blogs could easily double within a decade as Google keeps coming up with newer and more sophisticated innovations.

1. The Official Google Blog. This blog is the primary source for information about the latest Google developments as well as insights into the Google philosophy.

2. Inside AdSense. Devoted to all things related to this popular revenue-sharing program, this blog has a lot of information for both new and experienced AdSense users.

3. Inside AdWords. This one is a helpful resource for web advertisers with questions about using this Google feature.

4. Google Affiliate Network. With this blog, affiliate advertisers can find the latest news, statistics, and helpful hints to increase their earnings.

5. Blogger Buzz. This blog relates the latest features and updates from Blogger.

6. Official Google Checkout. E-commerce sellers who wish to allow payment through Google Checkout can get started with how-to information from this blog.

7. Google Custom Search. Google users who want to narrow and focus their web searches can find out the latest techniques here.

8. Docs Blog. This blog describes the latest improvements to Google Docs.

9. Google Finance Blog. Users keeping track of their saving and investing can find tutorials here for the various Google Finance tools.

10. Official Gmail Blog. Gmail account holders can found out about the latest apps and mobile email integration from this blog.

11. Official Google Mac Blog. Mac users who are also Google fans can use this blog to keep up with the latest Apple-friendly Google applications.

12. Official Google Mobile Blog. Just as with so many other web sites, Google has gone mobile and has the latest compatibility updates on this blog.

13. Orkut Blog. Orkut is a Google-based social-networking option, with regular improvements and news here.

14. Reader Blog. For those users who enjoy previewing their books on Google Reader, this blog is recommended to check on the latest offerings for reading.

15. Google Photos Blog. Picasa is a relatively new photo-sharing section of Google, and users can also connect through this blog.

16. Security Blog. Google is known for making Internet security a priority, with development news frequently added to the security blog.

17. Google Student Blog. Current and future college students have a good resource for Google-sponsored scholarships and other related news on this blog.

18. SketchUp Blog. Experienced and aspiring digital animators can reference this blog to see the work of others and find out about SketchUp contests.

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