Let’s Do Mobile: Part 1

Responsive. Mobilegeddon. Bid Adjustments. Mobile-Friendly. Click to Call. Cross-Device.

Most advertisers understand that the mobile age is upon us, but many advertisers and marketers alike struggle to navigate the shift to mobile. Endless buzzwords, arbitrary stats, and budget limitations can make it seem impossible to tackle a mobile strategy.

Where do I start? What return can I expect? What do I do with my site? How do I track it?

Knowing that mobile strategy continues to plague the marketing masses, Google brought 60 representatives from marketing agencies around the country to discuss everyone’s favorite topic at their first Google Mobile Guru Day. The goal? To transform each of us from “mobile marketers” into “mobile gurus” through a day long event of hands-on workshops and interactive presentations.

I left the workshop with a new sense of urgency for mobile adoption, ideas on how to start the mobile conversation, and clear takeaways on how to integrate and optimize mobile strategy.

In the spirit of that excitement, I will be providing you with a series of blogs to help you tackle and conquer mobile.

Why Mobile?

  • Mobile searches HAVE exceeded desktop searches.
  • By 2016, it is expected that mobile will exceed desktop by 27.8 billion queries.
  • 55% of consumers using mobile to research want to purchase within the hour.
  • 93% of people who used mobile to research go on to make a purchase.

Where Do I Start?

Google is now taking the mobile-friendliness of your website into consideration when determining ad rank. This means you could and likely will lose traffic if your site is not optimized for mobile.

Of course, creating a mobile friendly site will not happen overnight, but mobile is here to stay, and GROWING. Whether you invest in an mdot site, or upgrade to responsive design, the key is INVEST.

The truth is, more people have smartphones than ever before, and more people are comfortable making purchases online. I’ll admit it, I was a late adopter of the smartphone and just didn’t “get” mobile. And YES, I am a “millennial”. I got my first smartphone in 2011, and life as I knew it changed. I trust my smartphone, I trust my apps, and I consistently make purchases on my phone. And guess what? I am not alone.

So you ask, how do I make my mobile site awesome?

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

Site Navigation

  • Clear call-to-actions
  • Menus are straight to the point
  • Promotions don’t drown the content

Site Search

  • Prominent site search (top of page)
  • Results are relevant
  • Filters will help users improve their results


  • Users can purchase as a guest
  • Click-to-call is present
  • Existing (3rd party payment info) is used
  • Easy to finish converting on other devices

Form Entry

  • Clean info entry
  • Efficient form design
  • Use dropdowns to enhance ease of input


  • Entire site is mobile optimized
  • Eliminate any need to pinch or zoom
  • Clear product images
  • Concise content
  • All actions remain in one browser window

If you already have a mobile optimized site, you are probably asking, how do I start marketing on mobile or how can I make my mobile strategy better?

In “Let’s Do Mobile: Part 2”, I will discuss how you can start expanding marketing initiatives to mobile and best practices for bidding, campaign structure, and ad copy.

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