Latest White Paper: Interactive Strategy Beyond 2010

Interactive Strategy White Paper

It’s been a little while since out last White Paper (we’ve been busy!). In fact, this one has been sitting in draft mode for a long time, but it has finally arrived in time for those of you starting to consider planning for your interactive initiatives in 2011. Here’s what it’s all about.

There is often a disconnect between the now and the future when it comes to crafting interactive strategy – and yet, there need not be. This white paper defines some of the factors that have changed interactive strategy thus far in 2010 and outline effective ways to incorporate them into your company’s interactive strategy. Thus, rather than purely chasing a trend or promising new technology, you may focus your resources on the factors that will drive tangible business benefit.

This white Paper on Interactive Strategy covers the following

  • What is an Interactive Strategy
  • Promise of the Semantic Web
  • Ubiquity
  • Content is King, Queen and the Court
  • Incorporating the New Factors

Click here to get this latest white paper on the topic of interactive strategy beyond 2010. 

And oh by the way, no you can’t have a blog post on the topic of strategy without a chess piece image. So enjoy that piece of stock art.

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