It’s Not About Us. It’s About You.

Raise your hand if you’re a great digital marketer. Raise your hand if you know your audience. Keep them raised if you address your audience’s pain points and regularly provide solutions that ease

But do you…really? Every time? Or do you operate on a set of assumptions because you’re the “expert”? It’s so easy to fall into the rhythm that you know what’s best for your audience, and be confident that you are never wrong. (Guilty as charged over here!) But guess what? You probably have a blind spot.

Where did I gain this perspective, you may ask? Two days at the annual MarketingSherpa Summit made me question that “I’m the expert” feeling. And I’m very glad it did.

As marketers, we’d like to think that it’s all about us, but it isn’t. It’s about them. YOU. The user. But as marketers, we’re often overconfident that we can predict what our audience will do on a landing page, or how they will convert from an email, or what words they will type into search engines to find our site. 

But…we may be wrong. We all have blind spots. And the first step in addressing those blind spots is acknowledging their existence.

Flint McGlaughlin Breaks it Down

One of my favorite speakers at #Sherpa16 was Flint McGlaughlin of Meclabs, who guided us through an exercise in realization that set the stage for the entire conference. His main point: the marketer’s blind spot is self-interest. His second point: acknowledge that, and use a non-biased tool to overcome it. Take a look at the Conversion Optimization heuristic tool below. At first glance, it seems complicated – but when you learn how to apply it, it’s actually pretty straightforward:

Optimization Heuristic screenshot

Be sure to read up on the full explanation below, but essentially – every landing page you review, every email you send, every display ad you create should be viewed within this heuristic lens. Think of it as a checklist to ensure that you’re optimizing to the fullest potential. I encourage you to read more about the Optimization Heuristic here and start putting this to use. As Flint said many times over those two days, there are no expert marketers – only expert testers. Embrace it!


It’s All About the User With Clients, Too

MarketingSherpa_Abby See

Another highlight of this fantastic conference was watching my client, Abby See, on stage talking about the Sunrise Care Questionnaire. Abby was a Reader’s Choice Award Winner and had the opportunity to speak to all 1000+ conference attendees about the genesis of the Care Questionnaire, how we’re marketing it, how far Sunrise Senior Living has come in terms of digital, and what’s next for (hint: it’s all about personalization and getting the right content to the right person at the right time).

I’ve been on the Sunrise account for 5 years now, and it was a truly great moment to witness my client, colleague, and friend tout the success of a tool that had its humble beginnings in user testing. Yes, that’s right – the idea for this powerful tool started when we ran user tests on and learned that users had trouble determining the type of senior care they needed. So, we built them a tool to help them figure that out.

The users asked. We answered. Which brings me back full circle. As any great digital marketer knows, and as the idea the entire #Sherpa16 conference was built around…it’s not about us. It’s about users. It’s about You. Embrace it.

Missed the conference or just want to relive your favorite talks? Session recordings from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 are now available.

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