It's All About the Data…Duh

Online marketing has changed so much since I started as an account coordinator on Madison Ave. When businesses first started going online with a website, they rarely incorporated their digital presence into their “traditional” marketing efforts. Online advertising consisted of banners bought on a CPM basis that were thrown against the largest sites in hopes of click-through that made the client smile.

The world went from static banners to smart marketing. Pay Per Click models that trumped the ROI of any media campaign but at the same time not even considered to be assisting in building your brand. The big agencies stuck to their guns and controlled 80% of all media spending.

About 5 years ago the focus of digital marketing seemed to change once again. DSPs came to market, Pay Per Click was more integrated, and data modeling seemed to have left the IT building and came knocking on marketing’s door. Marketing has always loved data for Print, TV, and other mediums – when it came to the web the connections were more difficult to understand.

Marketers who ignore data now do so at their client’s own risk. Not only is data how we determine ROI but it’s how we build the marketing plan. The site, the user experience, the marketing and re-marketing are all based on data. We look at SEO, PPC, Media and Email, and we integrate each of these elements into the user experience on a digital device. This integrated approach to digital is the fuel that keeps an agency moving.

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