Is _____ dead? (An Unordered Top 10 List)

One of the more annoying memes of the past few years is the wave of blog articles in which the title follows the “Is _____ dead?” naming convention. These titles are meant to get us into such a tizzy that we just must click on the story so that we can get in there and give the author a piece of our minds in the comments section. Then we read the article and realize that it was mostly likely used in an ironic way, and that we took the bait hook, line and sinker.¬† Anyway, here is a very small sampling of particularly stupid titles.

The List

Is Java Dead?

Yeah, all those banks and hospitals finally saw the light, and they’re finally rebuilding their mission critical systems with PHP.

Is RSS Dead?

I’m not a heavy RSS user, but for some reason I doubt this. RSS is a great way to feed data accross various sites.

Is .NET Dead?

Yeah, and so is Java.

Is blogging dead?


Is the internet dead?

CNN, 1998! Excellent work, fellas.

Is the Mobile Web Dead?

Not bloody likely. It just learned to crawl, and pretty soon it’s going to be running (your life).

Is the iPod dead?

Not too surprising. In a couple of years this title will be rather appropriate.

Is Google Dead?

This wack-job compares google to a hooker, then tries to get you to download some file called “ZIP2PROFIT”. I don’t suggest it.

Is PHP dead?*

Yes, and half the internet disappeared with it.
*Note: original article no longer exists 

Is MySpace Dead?

Ok, this guy gets a free pass!

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