Introducing The Delphic Dogs, Class of 2014!

Who ever said the “dog days” were over?

Here at Delphic Digital, every day is a “dog day,” and this September we’re proud to introduce to you our official Delphic Dogs, Class of 2014.

Delphic Dogs At Work

Delphic Digital’s human employees aren’t the only ones who make coming to work a fun and enjoyable activity, our office dogs play just as important a role in keeping everybody motivated, happy, and excited about working at Delphic.

Why Bring Dogs to Work?

According to several recent university studies, bringing dogs to work can positively impact workplace morale, collaboration, and productivity, while lowering overall stress. Here at Delphic, we couldn’t agree more.

By allowing our employees to bring their dogs to work, we are offering them a unique benefit that not only alleviates owner worries (such as “who will walk my dog while I’m at work? Do I need to hire a dog-walker?”), but also allows for everyone in the office to enjoy having cuddly and cute companions visiting them and keeping them happy and motivated throughout the day.

The Delphic Dogs

I’ve been bringing my dog, Maya (an English Bulldog) to work with me for many years…even though she’s retired now, and doesn’t come to work much anymore, it’s great to see that the tradition of bringing dogs to work has been continuing with future generations of Delphic dogs. The Class of 2014 is truly an energetic, friendly, and adorable bunch, each with their own distinct personality.

Meet the Delphic Dogs, Class of 2014 by clicking on the image above or link here. View each Delphic Dog’s profile and learn about their favorite treats, work bffs, and much, much more. Be sure to share your favorite dog profiles on Twitter, Facebook, etc and lets get more #DogsAtWork!

Maya the Bulldog - Delphic Dog At Work

Bonus points for shares of Maya 🙂

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