In the News: Delphic Top Workplace & Unique Office

phillydotcom3What do a converted textile factory and a digital marketing agency have in common? In a article, Beth Perkins, Talent Acquisition Manager at Delphic Digital, explains how this unique office space fosters creative thinking and collaboration among employees. And, how some of the perks earned Delphic a top spot on the 2017 Top Workplaces survey.

“We were very fortunate to find our amazing and unique office space,” said Beth Perkins, Talent Acquisition Manager. “It’s a converted textile factory in Manayunk, and offers a bright, open, and inviting environment. High ceilings, giant windows and skylights, beautiful original hardwood floors, and exposed ductwork lend a funky ‘loft’ vibe.”

“Everyone gets an adjustable stand/sit desk, a laptop with an external monitor for extra screen real estate, and the ability to work from home when needed,” Perkins said. “We also have three rotating beer taps, a ping pong table, flexible lounge areas, and a dog-friendly policy. We want the office to feel homey and inviting.”

And the comfort extends beyond the office. Delphic recently revised its vacation policy to offer unlimited paid time off to employees who are with the company for five years or more.  They also offer a lot of flexibility on a day-to-day basis “because we know that balancing work and life can be demanding,” Perkins said.

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