Importance of Developing Your Audience Personas

Many companies come to Delphic Sage because they need a website to deliver a message to their audience, whether that message is to sell a product, build a brand identity, showcase their reputation or simply because “everyone needs a website these days”. If you are promoting your company or selling your product to multiple audiences, before you build a website, you need to identify your audiences and develop personas. Personas tell the story of your users and help your web development/design team identify the paths of the users and the goals of the website.

Personas are developed through research either done beforehand about your target audiences or at the beginning of a web project. Many times surveys to your existing audience help define your audiences’ purchasing behavior, personality characteristics, and demographic profile. Many clients have more than one user group and can be split into Primary and Secondary audiences. It is important to identify who these audiences are to translate their offline behavior online when designing your new website.

By creating personas (audience profiles), your web development team can focus on the issues that are most important to your users and deliver answers to their issues to the forefront. These solutions can come in the form of targeting your content on homepage to drive your audience to the most appropriate sections of your website, call-outs or buttons highlighting the most important information, or even the colors and tones that are chosen for your website. By understanding your audience and creating the right path through your website, you can drive more conversions or purchases.

Once a website is built, you can monitor your audience and their traffic patterns through an Analytics package such as Google Analytics. By constantly monitoring the most viewed pages and bounce rates and search terms, you can make sure that your original audience profiles or personas were accurate. Your audience interests and purchasing behavior may change over time and it is important to make your website relevant and usable for your audiences. Another good measure is through the use of ongoing online surveys.

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