How to Use Twitter for Business

Everything’s a-twitter!

If you haven’t heard about twitter, then you definitely need to hire Delphic Sage for your online marketing needs ASAP! Even if you “tweet”, you may not be sure how to use the latest social networking craze. And you’re not alone. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use twitter productively, who to follow, when should I post, what’s interesting for others, what is just plain annoying etc. And I’ve decided the best use for twitter is for business networking. Like a mini extension of Linked in – not quite as intense but not nearly as personal as Facebook. I feel like I am almost publishing my own RSS feed for anything interesting I’ve been reading. Right now, I’m researching the best ways to use twitter to generate sales and create business leads. And I’m going to share my research and knowledge with you.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter has an advanced search function that lets you research what people are “tweeting” about in your area. You can search for your brand, your competitors brand, or even your business category withing x miles from your location. So if you are tweeting about your web development needs in the Philadelphia area, Delphic Sage may start following you! The great thing about twitter is that you can provide a business solution to a customer in need in real time. It’s one of  the easiest targeted sales lead you can make online.

Twilert / RSS Feeds

Similar to the Twitter Advanced Search, twilert allows you to set up email updates of tweets that include your brand name. For example, if you were a paper service company and Staples was a major competitor, you can set up a twilert for “Staples” within 25 miles of New York City. So anytime anyone mentions Staples, good or bad, you can follow up with them via twitter and gain a potential sales lead. On the flip side, if you are Staples customer service dept., then you can track to see what people are saying about Staples. It’s reputation management real time by real customers. If you respond to those disgruntled customers, then you are taking customer service to the next level. Both Dell ( & Comcast ( have been using twitter to help monitor brand reputation and open up customer service channels. An alternative to a service like twilert is to set up RSS feeds of all your searches. Using the RSS function can help you determine useful content through your RSS feeder without having to do the same search all the time.

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