How to Combine Facebook Fan Pages

We were tasked with merging two Facebook pages into one. It’s easier than you think.

A client recently came to us for assistance – they were running two Facebook fan pages at once and thought that they were wasting their efforts (we agreed). Rather than posting to both pages and hoping that they weren’t annoying or confusing both fan bases, we advised them to merge pages. We did a little research and came across some conflicting reports on merging – one blog said that the merge feature wasn’t working at all and another said that it was sporadic at best, so we struck out on our own. Learn from our experience here.



  • The pages must have SIMILAR NAMES (or they won’t be eligible for merge, so says Facebook).
  • All content that you’d like to keep from the old page must be pulled down before the merge (we grabbed a few photo albums), because you lose everything on the old page – including unique descriptions, photo albums, comments – poof! – all gone after the merge.


  • Make sure you have admin access to both pages.
  • Open up the RESOURCES tab on the Page you want to KEEP, aka the “Primary Page”
    • If you’re eligible for a merge, you’ll see a line that says “Merge Duplicate Pages”
    • If you don’t see that line, then you’re out of luck.
  • Give the fans on your old page a chance to move over to the Primary Page themselves – simple messaging like “Heads up, we’re shutting down this page and moving to: – join us there!” – should encourage people to move (in our experience, most people ignore these updates; however, your audience may be different, so do what you think is best).
  • Clean up your Primary Page – if it was geared towards a specific audience and now will be more general, make sure that all creative elements, copy – the overall tone – reflect your social media strategy.

Steps for Merging Facebook Pages:

1. Start from the Primary Page (the page you want to KEEP)

2. Navigate to the RESOURCES tab

3. Click on the Merge Duplicate Pages button

  • Check the box of the old page – note the warning that all content will be lost, permanently deleted – ouch!

Facebook Merge Checkbox

4. Click Merge Pages

5. Are You Sure? Box pops up – if you’re sure, pull the trigger.

  • If you haven’t pulled down the photo albums yet or taken note of descriptions like content in the “About” or “Description” sections, hold up. Capture that data if you need to. Once you merge, there’s no turning back. Check, check, and check again because it will be gone, baby gone.

Facebook Merge Are You Sure Notice

6. Take a deep breath, say goodbye to the old page, take another deep breath, and Click Merge Pages.

7. SUCCESS! You did it. Congrats!

Facebook Merge Success

It’s really as simple as that to merge Facebook fan pages. With a little prep beforehand and a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll quickly be on your way to streamlining your social media marketing messaging.

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