How to Build Better Brand Awareness

Last month, Delphic Digital attended the Philly’s Super Meetup in Queen’s Village. Beyond the free beer and ice cream, this was a great opportunity to learn more about the Philly tech community, from its well-established tech companies and financial companies to the many Meetup Groups and start-ups. Delphic Digital was represented full force, including members of our dev, design, QA, and client services teams.


Going to events like the Super Meetup is great because beyond having fun getting to know like-minded people and potentially meeting prospective employees, we have the chance to generate more brand awareness and learn which of our already-established efforts are resonating with the people we’re trying to connect with.

Brand awareness is something that is created over time and can be promoted through a number of different channels. And determining which channel works best for your brand really depends on what your business is, and what people are looking to you for. For example, one of Delphic’s most effective ways of gaining exposure within our field is through our blog. This forum is a great way to demonstrate the expertise of our team while also helping to start a dialogue with other members of the Philly tech community and beyond.

While analytics reports are extremely insightful to see which posts resonate the most, it was invaluable to hear first hand from someone at the event just how much they look forward to our blog posts-especially our content focused on our Sitecore know-how (and our updates on the office pups)!

We’ve also seen a tremendous response from sponsoring events in the area that sync up with our company’s mission. This isn’t just a great way to get your name out there to big industry players-it’s a way to make sure potential employees are familiar with your brand, too. In the past few months, it’s been great to see how many job candidates have mentioned that they’ve heard about us from events they’ve attended around the city where we had a table or our name on the sponsor’s list. These events might seem like small steps on their own, but together they help to grow our company’s momentum.

And that momentum keeps continuing to build for us. Right now Delphic is in the middle of some especially exciting times. We’ve been growing exponentially (we went from having roughly 12 employees on staff four years ago to nearly quadruple that today), and we plan to keep growing (Did I mention we’re hiring?). We also just moved into a gorgeous new office space in Manayunk that will provide us with even more exciting ways to collaborate with the greater Philadelphia tech community, with plans for hosting events and open forums underway. Plus, we’re already planning for an incredible Philly Tech Week 2016.

We love engaging with the community, prospective employees and clients any way we can. Check out our website to learn more about our client work, our services, and careers opportunities at Delphic. You can also follow us on Twitter!

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