Guide to Social Media White Paper

Social Media. Reputation Management. Social networking. Viral content distribution.

Sometimes trying to get involved in social media seems daunting given the vast landscape, insider terminology, and mixed advice offered.

Not to mention navigating how to create revenue with social media or how to track your efforts. In our new White Paper, we help you refine your social media strategy into a practical and successful effort.

After doing a number of Social Media presentations, we started to get a sense that there really needed to be a clear cut explanation of how to practically use social media. We had two questions that we felt were the most important to answer.

First, we wanted to answer the question “Can social media actually help my bottom line?” Secondly, we wanted to work to debunk the conventional wisdom that social media is impossible to really track. We then worked to answer those two questions with practical advice and examples, and more importantly, go beyond a simple Social Media 101 White Paper and focus on refining a tentative entry into social media into a mission critical marketing function.

The following topics are discussed in the Social Media White Paper:


  • Social Media Driving Revenue. What revenue is practically driven by Social Media?
  • Tracking and Using Social Media Measurement tools. What should be tracked and what tools are available to assist in execution?
  • Resource Planning. The bottom line for planning to engage in Social Media.


We take a look at how revenue is actually impacted by social media, how to best track your social media campaigns beyond the number of followers that you have on Twitter, and look at the real world implications of being involved in social media from a staffing perspective. Rather than hypothetically discuss social media, we use concrete examples of how to refine and tune social media campaigns.

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