Google Analytics 360 Suite: The Delphic Perspective

Google Analytics is building on their Premium offering by adding additional services targeted toward large enterprises.  The new products are centered around their core Analytics product but also include a few things we’re excited about:

  • Data Studio 360 (beta) – “Build beautiful and shareable reports, with all your data in one place” – a fully editable visual analytics studio designed to create slick dashboards with drag and drop functionality- one click data re-fresh.  This was our favorite tool that we tested last year.  Strict NDA’s limited our ability to share, but it was very intuitive with a clean UI.
  • Audience Center 360 – “Match the right people with the right message” – An audience building and segmentation platform that will closely tie into the DoubleClick platform.  Not quite a CRM, but some say that is next.
  • Optimize 360 (beta) – “Test and deliver more personal experiences on your site” – Delphic tested this last year at the Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit. It was similar to a basic visual editor built for marketers and also allowed for A/B testing and some personalization.
  • Tag Manager 360 – “Get more data and less hassle with powerful APIs and partnerships” – API update but nothing else of note
  • Attribution 360 – “Discover the true value of all your marketing channels” – “Adometry” is being re-branded but the offering remains the same: Cross channel attribution including tying offline TV spend to paid search and display user journeys for better clarity on the impact those mediums have on digital.
  • Analytics 360 – “Gain new insight with a total view of the customer experience”  – The same Premium offering but re-branded.

Our Take

The newer tools are very much needed in the Google marketing technology arsenal, as brands and enterprises have been left building out their MarTech Stack using other tools and services. The products are available as a suite or à la carte.  The products are also open to integrate with other services (to what extent remains to be seen).  The cost of the entire suite is well into the 6 digits as one would expect for an enterprise level offering.

Delphic is most excited about the new data visualization and testing tools as they are prime martech areas for more competition and the ability to tie them all together is a unique value proposition which is the promise of every suite (Adobe, Oracle, etc).  For more information on this and any other information about your analytics, reach out to our Analytics team.  

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