Google Analytics Overview Presentation

A few days ago, I presented an overview of Google Analytics and the value that it brings to Delphic Sage and most importantly our clients.  Delphic Sage has a few employees that have been reviewing the Google Analytics IQ Lessons within the Conversion University. We are working to have a good amouint of our staff Google Analytics Qualified. If you have some time on your hand (seriously), check it out.  Also, I have posted the presentation on slideshare, which you can find right here and embedded link below.  Enjoy!

In this presentation you will find information on the following:


  • Google Analytics Basics
  • Reasons for using Google Analytics
  • Cookies
  • Other Google Analytics tidbits you probably don’t know
  • Goals & Funnels
    • Reports (Funnel Visualization & Reverse Funnel)
  • Bounce Rates
  • Profiles
  • Tracking Across Domains
    • Subdomains
  • Filters
  • Campaign Setup
  • Custom Reports (Keyword Performance)
  • Internal Site Search
    • Reports (Search Terms & Start Pages)



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