Google Analytics Certification – Keeping up with Evolution

On the second day of my first week at Delphic Digital, I was reminded that getting my Google Analytics Certification would be a most beneficial accomplishment. The sooner the better, they said, because before you know it you will be knee-deep in data – and since you will be doing QA, we will need all of your full, eye-watering, staring-at-a-screen-for-a-good-while attention on that data.

Being as Swedish as you can get (the kind that believes that arriving 15 minutes before a meeting equals arriving late) I jumped right on it and briefly returned to student life.


Google offers some very extensive study materials for all platforms: everything from videos to texts to blogs to practice tests. In addition to the official Analytics Academy, there are a number of independent sources that can assist you as you try to answer as many of the test questions as possible, in the hopes that some of them (ideally the ones you answered correctly) will appear on your real test. You can read, listen, watch videos, take part in forums or ask a pro; if you have a preferred way of learning, it exists.

Now, this may sound like a lot of work. And it is! In fact, at times it can be grueling work. During my studies, I took the practice tests a number of times: I never scored above a 40% (you need 80% to pass). It can be disheartening, especially if you do well on the Google-produced tests (the external practice tests mentioned in the hyperlink above are much more difficult).


What you should keep in mind as you do this grueling work is that IT IS WORTH IT. I don’t know if you heard, but data is the currency of the future. How do businesses succeed? By making decisions based on comprehensive data. How do older companies reinvent themselves successfully? By looking at trends and performance in their data. Data will tell you what is actually good about your business, and not just what you think is good about your business.

It’s like with any successful species: adapt and evolve. For all digital companies of this day and age the speed of this evolution is neck breaking, and to ignore any of the tools that could help you keep up is just plain silly, and quite frankly irresponsible. Google Analytics is one of these tools. And the GA Certification will help you wield that tool to a much greater degree of success.


Two weeks after I started at Delphic I passed my exam. After a very dramatic emotional carousel (think Nathan Lane in Birdcage), and the constant, calm support of Delphic’s own Google Analytics guru (Krista) I now understand GA. And the insights, oh sweet insights!

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