The New Google Adwords Pipeline

As we’ve learned in recent history (e.g. broad modified match type, enhanced campaigns, final vs destination URL migration, right-hand rail ad removal, etc.), Google doesn’t shy away from a big change, for better or worse. As paid search managers, we are required to stay on our toes so we’re not scrambling to keep up with ever changing Adwords pipeline. Once again, Google is rolling out some new updates that will change the way we do business in the paid search world, coming to you “sometime later this year” (in classic Google style).

What’s Changing in Paid Media?

  1. Mobile ad structure – search & display
  2. Device type bidding


Mobile Ad Structure

Google is changing the way that both search text ads and display ads through GDN will be structured on mobile devices.

Expanded Text Ads

  • Text ads will have more ad space to provide additional, valuable information
  • We expect expanded text ads will help increase click-through-rate, but we do not anticipate significant fluctuations in performance
  • This upgrade will require additional time to create new ad units for the roll-out later this year


Responsive Ads for Display

  • Google will offer responsive design display ads to natively show within publisher sites based on site theme and screensize
  • We leverage The Trade Desk for the majority of display and retargeting initiatives, and do not anticipate significant performance changes
    • We are reviewing capabilities to leverage this change within the platform

Device Type Bidding

Since the migration from “campaigns by device type” to the “mobile bid modifier”, there has been limited control over desktop and tablet bids. Subtly admitting to this, Google is launching bidding by all device types – desktop, tablet & mobile.

  • This allows for more granular control over bids and ad position for each device
  • The base keyword bid will be anchored to the device most valuable to the business, with set bid adjustments for each of the other devices
  • Device type bidding will still be managed within one campaign (not returning to the campaign by device structure)
  • We expect this level of control will help to improve CPL, as you will be able to optimize lower performing devices

Managing the Google Pipeline at Delphic

  • Creative Changes: our team has proactively begun to develop ad copy in line with the new structure, so that we can seamlessly integrate with the rollout
  • Bid Changes: we will continue to leverage Marin for automated bidding, while testing the impact of manual device bid modification
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