Gmail Tabs Are Here to Stay

We all know the trends of the summer were bright neons and graphic prints but don’t forget those Gmail tabs. Love ‘em or not, as email marketers, we can’t ignore them. While reports continue to roll out about their effects, they may not be the end to our craft. Still, Gmail Tabs force us to think beyond our traditional email marketing. As marketers who fall under the new “Promotions” tab, how do we stand out among the others? Well, I came across several great emails that recognized the update and helped answer this question:

Admit You Want to Be On Top, and Tell Them How to Fix It

After the big news launched, Kate Spade hit the nail on the head by sharing the Gmail update experience with their customers. Not only that, but they told their customers how they can switch their emails to the Priority Tab. Great Job Kate Spade Saturday:

Give an Incentive

Not only did the Gap tell their users how to move Gap emails to their priority inbox, but they said thank you by offering an incentive! Remember, customers love a deal – and love when their actions are recognized. Give them an offer and make them feel special. I know I did! Well done, Gap:

Gotta Have It

When your customer does roll over to the Promotions tab, make them feel that time is of the essence. Use the timeliness factor, as most marketers do, and be more attractive with keywords like “Hurry!” “Ends Today!” “Last Chance!” to stand out among the other unread emails. Just be sure not to push your users to the edge too often, otherwise you’ll be overlooked if your email sits for a day or so. also did a great job of this:

While summer may be over, those tabs are here to stay. As time goes by, we’ll see more creative ways to get users to respond to their Promotions tab inbox. Until then, test test test and keep the emails coming!

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