GMail Goggles?

Google has done it again.

Just in time for “Joe Six Pack” to enjoy the Presidential debates, Google Labs has released Mail Goggles. Mail Goggles, unlike beer googles, prevents you from doing stupid things.

So how does it work?

  1. You consume a fair amount of alcohol.
  2. You convince yourself that your boss is a jerk, or maybe that some significant other who screwed you over is indeed “the one” after all.
  3. You write an email to this person telling them how you really feel.
  4. You click send.
  5. Mail Goggles pops up and asks you 5 questions of 3rd grade math with a 60 second time limit.
  6. You fail to answer the questions, so the message does not get sent. Therfore, you avoid making an ass out of yourself.

Society Benefits

  • Less people getting fired would lead to a reduction in the unemployment rate.
  • Fewer bad relationships getting back together would lessen the number of divorces down the line.
  • A decline in restraining order applications would free up local court resources.
  • A reduction in the number of emails sent will free up much needed bandwidth for Celebrity Gossip and Miracle Diet advertisements.

My Ideas for Google Labs

  • Reply to All Confirmation – There’s nothing like sending a snide comment to the whole company.
  • Mail Goggles Browser Plugin for SSL Pages – Prevent yourself from buying John Voigt’s car on Ebay .
  • Sarcasm detection: puts any sarcastic comments that may be interpreted literally in italics.
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