Getting Started with SEO Software Conductor

Hi all! Delphic uses Conductor Searchlight as our primary SEO software and we love it. Conductor has allowed us to offer clients a greater amount of information along with a visual representation that’s easy to digest. Conductor has partnerships with Moz, SEMrush, and Adobe, and can be integrated with Google Analytics, plus additional data sources like social media outlets and Adobe Site Catalyst. Setting up your own Conductor account? Here are a few tips.

Utilize the Conductor Community

The Conductor Community is one of the greatest resources when getting started in Conductor. The community houses webinars, tutorials, and other helpful documents. In addition, you can “Ask the Community” in a forum and even suggest new Conductor features you think would be beneficial. Conductor is constantly innovating and adding features, and takes user suggestions into consideration when doing so. Check out their blog post on their new TrueTraffic feature – an answer to Google’s [not provided] keywords.

Talk to Your Success Manager

Your dedicated Conductor team member walks you through the tool and its capabilities, addressing any questions you may have. After the initial training calls, your success manager will set up monthly check-in calls to walk through new features, your current projects, and suggest best practices.

Complete the Optional Items

Keyword Categories and Preferred URLs are listed as optional items, but are extremely important. Categories are essential for breaking up data and are required for some of the workspace success templates. Preferred URLs are important for identifying a site’s internal competition. You’ll quickly be able to see if your preferred landing page for a specific keyword is the highest ranking URL or not.

From an agency perspective, tracking competitive data is also a key benefit of Conductor. Our clients love the measurable view of average keyword rankings across competitors, and which product lines or types of keywords are performing the best. The Conductor tool is only as smart as the data you put in, so fill out all the optional items and get as much as you can out of it!

Use Workspace Success Templates

There’s a large variety of pre-made templates which are extremely helpful. The Conductor team created these templates based on who will be viewing them, whether it’s for internal review and analysis, a quick high-level roll up for upper management, or a detailed client presentation. If these templates are missing a metric or information you want to include, you can create a custom widget, or a whole custom dashboard. There’s no limit to how many dashboards you can have, so create away!

Overall we think Conductor is an insightful and attractive platform, and the dedicated attention of a success manager is great. The tool holds a lot of information so it’s easy to get lost in the beginning, but after a few uses, you’ll navigate through Conductor like a pro. Hope these tips help!

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