Five Tips for Creating that Content Magic

The challenge with content marketing is continuously creating content. You may feel overwhelmed trying to keep up, but careful planning — and repurposing material — can make you feel like the sorcerer and not like his poor apprentice, Mickey. Here are five tips you can use to create content magic.

Think big. When repurposing content, it’s much easier to take a big piece of material and break it up into smaller sections. Rather than trying to tie together a bunch of different blog posts into a white paper, start with the white paper and spin off blog posts – plus infographics and email blasts. Rather than trying to edit a series of videos into a webinar, start with the webinar and use it to create videos, podcasts, and slide shows.

Plan ahead. The person who oversees the schedule for producing content will map out what will happen when with the material you’re repurposing. The infographic that will be posted in six weeks: do you need it in that format for the original white paper? Your designer – and everyone else involved – will appreciate a realistic timeline for the individual components.

Involve your customers. No one knows how new customers can benefit from your products or services like your current customers. Ask them for feedback, whether via surveys or phone interviews, then use that feedback as the starting point for a variety of content.

You too can use YouTube. Sit down with a customer or a staff member and videotape a casual conversation. You don’t need to write a script (though you’ll let the person see the questions in advance) – a short, informal presentation is very effective. The interviewee will be eager to share the video, and you can use the video transcript as the basis for testimonials on your landing page, blog posts, and other purposes.

Think small. Whether it comes from a customer, an interview with a staffer or expert, or a professionally written post, sometimes you come across a wonderful quotation. This might be a clever metaphor or a well-phrased summary that summarizes a big idea in a few words, or an endorsement worthy of being the new corporate slogan. Create a dedicated spreadsheet or document where you gather these quotations: they can provide inspiration for a whole webinar, or perk up an otherwise dry blog post.

Remember, repurposing material means using information in multiple formats, not posting identical material in multiple places. It’s not only tacky, it can get you in trouble with search engines.

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