Facebook Fan Page Redesign – Whether You Like It or Not

Today, Facebook is making redesign history. If you haven’t switched your personal account over to the new Timeline look, it may feel a bit foreign at first. Fear not Facebook administrator, here are some tools to help you transition your business’ Facebook fan page – whether you like it or not.

Keep your profile picture consistent

  • This is your identity. We recommend using your logo, as it represents your business on all other parts of Facebook. This includes all newsfeed stories, as well as Ad units if you have campaigns running.

Get creative with your cover photo

  •  The cover photo is meant to shine due to its immediate visual impact. We recommend you make it unique to your brand or product. If I visit your company’s page, what is going to make me remember it? The cover photo should be bold, visually appealing and tailored to you. Note that covers may NOT include price or purchase information, contact information, references to Facebook features or actions (such as “Like” or “Share”), and calls to action (such as “Visit our Website” or “Tell all your Friends”). Even a cover photo with an arrow pointing to any Facebook feature will be banned! All company information can be written under the About section located directly under the profile picture. Also note that Facebook cover photo dimensions are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. Any images smaller than these dimensions will get stretched to this larger size.

Different Look and Feel for Application Tabs

  •  Remember your left-aligned application tabs? They will now be featured to the right of the About section, directly under the cover photo. There will always be a total of four main apps featured, yet your photos will always be first. The following three can be chosen and altered in any order. You may be asking, what do I do if I have more than four? A total of twelve apps is the Facebook maximum and these can be accessed by using the drop-down arrow next to your visible applications.

Controling your timeline content.

Pin a post to the top of your timeline.

  •  This feature is highly recommended by Facebook, as it sends a message to the fans that this post is important. The pinned post has a maximum lifespan of seven days and it is recommended that you do not change this post until the seven days has commenced.

Starred posts are fun!

  •  If you star a post, your timeline entry will now become double-wide, taking up the entire width of the page. This feature allows you to tell your audience that the post is important and will always show on your timeline.

Turn a unique post into a “milestone” moment. 

  •  These milestone moments are your company’s highlighted accomplishments, past acquisitions, awards, or anything that had a clear impact on your business. They may be back-dated to note key events in your brand history.

FYI, you can revert any of these posts back to the original setting by clicking the edit pencil while hovering over the post you would like to change.

Friends are even More Important

  •  Friend Activity is now a huge plus when gaining new fans. Now, visitors of your page can see how their friends have engaged with your page, and it’s all about making the experience personal for them. They will be more inclined to like your page, simply because their friends have engaged with your brand in one way or another.

Get to Know Your Admin Panel Your admin panel is now the central hub for all of your notifications and insights

  • You can now view notifications, messages, new likes, insights, page tips, manage your site, and build your audience. You should play around with all these features and get to know them. One feature I found quite interesting is the opportunity for fans to connect with you through messaging. If you have a large company that is publicly charged, you might want to think about leaving this option off. Receiving too many messages could get overwhelming and you do not want to disappoint your fans by taking months to respond. If you are a local Mom and Pop shop try leaving it on as it’s a great way to connect with your fans on a personal level. It’s up to you! 

Facebook insights will now become your best friend  

  • This tool is so important because as an administrator you MUST measure your social media marketing performance. By studying your insights, you will be able to track the health of your page, try new tactics, find out what&amamp;rsquo;s working and isn’t working, monitor outreach, and more. But we already knew that, right?

Okay admins, did you enjoy that crash course? The most important thing is to practice patience and remember that, as you are transitioning to the new Timeline, your fans and potential fans will be too.

Think about it this way, you want to tell a story. Does your timeline flow? Does your cover photo captivate your audience? Are you utilizing starred posts and pinned posts? Here’s what you can do – monitor your Facebook page insights a week after the change; this is going to tell you a lot about your audience. If your observations are negative, you might have to share your own little crash course with your fans. If your insights are looking normal or better than normal, you’ve got the gift.

May the Facebook force be with you, master administrator.

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