Exploring Google Analytics’ New User Interface

You know that feeling when you first open an app or website and realize it’s been updated? For the optimist, it feels like a new movie in a series came out. For the pessimist, it feels like someone renamed every one of the contacts in their phone book.

Well, we got to see which person we are earlier this month when Google Analytics rolled out its new user interface to our accounts. You may have seen this in your account by now as it has been rolled out to 50% of users.

The gist of it is a change to the left hand navigation of the platform. The new layout can be seen in the screenshot below:



As compared to the old interface:


(Image via Search Engine Round Table)

The two most major changes were that the page listing all accounts was removed and the functionality of the categories was altered. Previously when a user entered Google Analytics, they were first presented with a list of all accounts, with properties and views listed under them. An alternative to this view came out in a previous update last Fall with a drop-down menu in the top left of the screen. That alternative is now the only way to jump between accounts. However, a completely new change is that when a user selects a category in the navigation now, their previously opened category closes. This keeps the navigation from turning into a sprawling list like it used to during vigorous data explorations.

Also, the “Admin” Tab, which had previously been at the top of the page, has been moved to the bottom left. The font and coloring has changed with the selected category lit up in orange. The Dashboards, Shortcuts, Custom Reports, and Custom Alerts categories have all been combined under the “Customization” category.

We’re still figuring out what we think of the changes here. Most of the reception has been positive, however, as we slowly uncover more of the perks of this update.


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