Essential Ingredients to an Elevated Marketing Campaign

SandwichAn online marketing campaign is built like a sandwich, but, like sandwiches, there’s a difference between “good enough” and “wow!” Here are the ingredients in a “wow!” campaign.

Your digital marketing sandwich starts with the bread of search engine optimization. SEO is an essential ingredient that plays a supporting role. But you don’t even think about making a sandwich unless you’ve got some yummy filling, right? The filling of your marketing sandwich is content: the fresh, relevant, and engaging information you’ve got on your site.

You can have a satisfactory, and even tasty, sandwich with nothing but bread and filling, but why not go that extra step and transform your sandwich from just another lunch to something special? In digital marketing, you can do that with the mustard of pay per click. We’re not talking about bright-yellow glop out of a squeeze bottle — good PPC is more like a delicious gourmet mustard that ties the whole sandwich together and makes it memorable.

All good recipes give you the steps for success. Four things have to be in place before your sandwich is ready for that PPC mustard:

  1. A strong SEO program. You need a substantial piece of bread to spread the mustard on. PPC isn’t used to replace SEO — it’s used to make SEO more effective. 
  2. The right landing page. A PPC campaign will fail if you don’t draw visitors in the minute they hit your site. People won’t take more than one bite to decide if they’re enjoying a sandwich — there are plenty of other options out there in the deli of cyberspace.
  3. A realistic goal for measuring success. In marketing, you should always use a recipe — don’t just grab stuff out of the fridge and wing it. You can write the recipe yourself, but do it in advance by creating relevant KPIs.
  4. Effective but affordable keywords. Keywords that cost a few cents each ten years ago can go for seven or eight dollars — or more — today. If your competitors have driven up the price on the obvious keywords, can you tweak those choices and dominate a targeted search with a smaller budget? Is there a more affordable version of that special mustard?

Even if you’re not going to use PPC all the time, when you choose your sandwiches — er, campaigns — properly, it can add something that will make your digital marketing something truly special.

(And for those who read to the end hoping to find out what I’d say about the pickle on the plate next to the sandwich — sorry, there are limits to every metaphor. If you’ve got ideas for the pickle — and maybe some potato chips? — let us know in the comments!)

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