Email Subject Lines: Avoiding the Spam Folder


We all know one of the most important issues of effective email campaigns is steering clear of the spam folder. A well-written email subject line can help with that while also increasing open rates, goals and conversions.

Think of your email subject line like a punch-line of a good joke – one that everyone laughs at. Or, go the emotional route: Aweber has determined the phrase “You Are Not Alone” in an email subject line has an average open rate of 90%, and has even passed the 100% mark a few times. While that specific subject line doesn’t sound very fascinating, it grabs the attention of many, simply because humans can relate.

Your friends here at Delphic Sage would like to share some tips on how to craft a cunning subject line to capture your readers’ attention. Here are a few ways to avoid the spam folder:

Run your email subject line through a content checker like this free, easy to use spam-filter utility for email from Lyris. This is a great way to identify any spamlike words, phrases or unclear sentence construction before hitting the send button.

Avoid all capital letters and exclamation points at ALL times. Not only are these inferences spamlike, but often look unprofessional.

Use emotion. Discover the core desires of your audience by stepping into their shoes. If you address a problem, make it known that you can help. Whatever makes you worried, happy, excited, afraid, surprised, or alone – might also be your audience thoughts.

No matter what the goal of your email campaign is, by letting your reader know the “punch line” before they even open the email, is a surefire way to increase your open-rates and avoid the spam folder.

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