Effectively Managing Social Media Status Updates

I have recently added Twitter to my social media mix (you can Follow me at MarkAPatten or our firm account at DelphicDigital) of primarily Facebook (mostly personal stuff) and LinkedIn. There are endless other social networks that you can add to the mix. So, how do semi-obsessive compulsive people like myself not pull out our hair trying to keep all of them reasonably up to date – perhaps even multiple times per day?

Enter Tarpipe

Well, there are quite a few options out there. I’ve been playing around with Ping.fm* for example. What I’ve found with several of these however, is their lack of control down to the field level if you will. The one I’ve been playing around that affords much more control is Tarpipe.

Tarpipe allows you to create workflows that route data across social media applications. Once workflows are established, data (e.g. updates or bookmarks) is pushed through the workflow to the API’s of the social media sites. The push is usually triggered by sending an email (tarpipe creates a custom email address for each workflow) or via a bookmarklet.

Here’s an Example Tarpipe Workflow

So here’s how the example above works. When I find an article I think is particularly interesting on the web. I click on a bookmarklet I have saved in my bookmarks. It pulls a dialog box (shown below) where I can enter a title, tags and the url.

Tarpipe Bookmarklet

Upon submitting it routes the information to Twitter (compressing the URL) and to my del.icio.us account using relevant tags that are shared across Delphic Sage.

I have other tarpipes that route personal info to Facebook, Twitter and Evernote (my note taking) via email. Currently there is no pipe for LinkedIn, but I have to assume that is not very far off. All in all, pretty slick stuff.

Feel free to use the comments box below to let me know what you’ve been using.

*Note: Ping.fm was changed into Seesmic Ping in June 2012

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