Earth Day: A Round of Applause for the Tech Industry

Going green is not just a fad — it’s a way of life, and it’s rapidly shaping the way we think about the future of technology. In honor of Earth Day 2013, I have pinpointed some companies and products that are making big strides towards promoting environmental technology and eco-awareness:


We all hopelessly hoard our old electronics like they will come in handy again someday. Saving you from drowning in useless devices, ecoATM safely recycles your mobile devices, MP3 players and even tablets. You get eco peace of mind and the instant gratification of cash on the spot. Find your nearest ecoATM.

Bedol’s Water-Powered Alarm Clock

It’s fun to see science and engineering come together, especially when the product can be powered on any electrolytic fluid such as water, soda, coffee or even beer. (Although the latter is not suggested for fear that you might be awoken by a thickening stench rather than the actual alarm itself.) Check out Bedol’s Water-Powered Alarm Clock and its fittingly unique rain drop design.


Nest is weaving its way into homes all across the country (no pun intended). Cut your home energy bills in half with a thermostat that you can control from any smartphone or tablet, even when you are miles away. This company is so cool, not only do they help you save energy, but if you buy a Nest thermostat through the Nest Together page, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree anywhere in the world. Nest’s commitment to the earth extends to the corporate nest where the company also just installed an electric vehicle charging station. Go Nest!

What eco-friendly tech companies or products have you incorporated into your digital life? Let us know in the comments section. And remember to respect our planet – reduce, reuse and recycle!

Happy Earth Day!

Julia Russell is a Digital Marketing Specialist with a Project Management twist. You can usually find her perusing the wonderful city of Philadelphia searching for the next best IPA, and keeping up with everything and anything social.

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