DXV: A Holistic Approach to UX


Oftentimes, clients task us with creating digital solutions that not only efficiently and intuitively guide customers to their product, but that also support their search configuration and backend infrastructure needs. In plain terms: They want their site to look good and work well.

For DXV, a luxury product line for American Standard, a streamlined frontend experience and a robust backend content management system were integral for their continued success. Their original rollout consisted of the consumer-facing frontend that mainly focused on presenting the look and function of their products, combined with a client-facing backend admin portal.

Although the product information was on their site, DXV wanted their customers to have a more engaged experience with their products. They also wanted  to create a backend experience that would make managing their product lines – and their multiple variations – more intuitive.


Once we were tasked with the enhancements of the above pictured site, our focus fell to the following areas:


  • Enhanced visual layout and site design that would reflect the drama of the DXV brand
  • Flexibility in the design to allow for a more dynamic presentation, including video, installation instructions, items included in purchase, gallery images, and more
  • Simplified navigation
  • Dynamic population of products based on filter selection
  • Category landing pages to capitalize on content opportunities
  • Simplified backend admin panel organization to better handle complex product listings (multiple model numbers and product features)

DXV wanted to ensure that potential clients – homeowners, showroom professionals, and professional designers/architects – could easily navigate the site and find the products and information they were looking for. To achieve this, we streamlined the browsing process and accommodated a more complex nesting system for each product to make navigation effortless and more intuitive.

What we did:

Designed the pages to be flexible to allow for richer product interaction.

The pages now have space for multiple photos, more detailed descriptions of the products, social media share options, and the ability to post video, a feature the client was keen on having.

Streamlined the design to better reflect the brand.

Luxury bath items deserve a luxurious home. We gave them just that –  a beautiful layout that leaves nothing to be desired – except the product itself.

Created a dynamic product filtering system and added breadcrumb navigation.

Now users can filter products by collection, room, color, and finish, and can also easily navigate back to previously visited pages.

Rebuilt the backend admin and designed it with the bandwidth needed to handle the more robust content needs on the frontend.

The redesign allows the client to account for any unique product set up, to ensure the products are organized efficiently, and to manage their backend system effortlessly. And its custom-built design provides DXV with the flexibility to add any additional content needs-copy, imagery, page banners, video embeds and more-all features that were previously unavailable.

With the redesign newly launched, you can now visit the new DXV site and experience the difference firsthand!

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