Drexel Dragons Dominate at Delphic Desks

Career advice for graduating college seniors is never in short-supply this time of year. Here at Delphic Digital, employees truly are our greatest asset. To find the right mix of talent, Delphic invests more time than you might think so we get the right cultural fit with our new employees. We’re looking for people who are passionate, a little nerdy, idea-folk, data driven, smart, and intellectually curious. Our reputation as a Philadelphia digital agency depends solely on the talent, demeanor, and professionalism of the people we hire. One thing that we’ve noticed recently is that the number of smart, enthusiastic, and fun people we’ve been hiring tend to be local to the Philadelphia area.

When we looked into the trend a bit more in depth, we realized that Philadelphia’s own Drexel University seemed to be a large contributing factor…so naturally, we thought we would blog about it. While Drexel tends to breed more engineers than any other discipline, Delphic is home to 4 Drexel alumni, ranging across different disciplines and levels of seniority. We have a web designer, a web developer (technical lead), a digital marketing director, and a digital marketing specialist.

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What’s one other thing that each of the 4 alumni have in common? They all credit the internship (co-op) program at Drexel for their success in the Philadelphia agency scene. If you haven’t heard of the Drexel co-op program and are looking for interns in the Philadelphia area, this should be on your radar. Drexel co-ops last 6 months, unlike traditional 3 month summer internships, which gives the interns a chance to become truly established with and integrated into their host company.  During their time at Drexel, each of our Delphic Digital alumni had multiple separate 6-month stints at local companies. When graduation rolls around, there’s nothing like being ahead of the curve with real-world experience with local companies based in the Philadelphia area.  Here’s a bit more information on the unique experiences from each of the Drexel alumni now working at Delphic Digital:


Chloe Yeung

Role at Delphic: Digital Marketing Specialist

Interests: Food, fitness, reading, travel, television, Disney and Pixar (obviously).

Fun Fact: As a Drexel Cheerleading Alumni, I’m featured in one of Drexel’s photo tour pictures on collegeboard.org (Go DU!)

On Drexel Co-op: Drexel co-op really played a role in me finding my passion. I declared a finance major at the end of my freshman year before I had taken any classes beyond general 101 business classes. My first co-op position was in accounts receivable, a pretty dry and repetitive day-to-day job. After that, I picked up marketing and got on the right path. I interned at Razorfish Health next, which is where I fell in love with the excitement and fast-paced atmosphere of agency life.

On Delphic: Delphic really is an awesome place to work. You can’t beat the agency culture – casual dress, bagel Fridays, dogs in the office, home-brewed beer, and different work every day. Since Delphic is not a huge corporation, we have a lot more say in the way our career paths are shaped and the leadership team really cares about our professional growth.

Key Takeaway: The co-op program gave me the chance to find my passion for marketing. Without it, I might have stayed in finance and could have missed my true calling.


Josh Finkelstein

Role at Delphic: Director, Digital Marketing

Interests: Travel, strange food, investment properties, golf, the beach, Oxford shoes

Fun Fact: Lived and worked in London during the 2012 olympics, spent a good amount of time travelling for work in Europe and am still taking advantage of all the frequent flier miles I racked up.

On Drexel Co-op: The co-ops are probably the most impactful business experiences I have had to date during my professional career. An insurance company, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, then GlaxoSmithKline– all shaped who I am and what I wanted to do.

On Delphic: Agency life in Manayunk is killer (in a good way). We work in a revamped factory- the multiple floors with huge windows and wide open spaces are great.

Key Takeaway: I knew I needed an edge once I graduated. Drexel and the co-op program are that edge. Philadelphia is such a fantastic city – from someone who has been all over the world and back, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Charlie Darney

Role at Delphic: Technical Lead / Brewmaster

Interests: Beer, technology, humor, stress relief

Fun Fact: I’m a black belt in Tang Soo Do

On Drexel Co-op: I was able to take full advantage of the co-op program by having three co-ops with three separate companies.  My second co-op at PJM Interconnection was where I began web development, working with the web team on mostly internal web site changes.  My third co-op at AmeriHealth introduced me into C# and ASP.NET web development.  With three companies and three years of experience on my resume, I was able to land a part-time opportunity with a defense subcontractor until I graduated, at which point they hired me full time.  While the resume got me the job, my experience from co-ops helped me keep it by performing above expectations – no one at work would believe I was fresh out of college!

On Delphic: The work culture at Delphic is a perfect fit for me.  I’ve always been a “Work Hard, Play Hard” kind of guy, and when it’s so much fun to come to work with such a great team it makes my day go even faster.

Key Takeaway: I did not find Delphic through co-op or even directly after college, but I would not be here if it were not for the co-op program.  With four years of industry experience before I turned 23, I was a great fit for Delphic and it has paved the way for success early and often.

Leah Schrope

Role at Delphic: Web Designer

Interests: The Little Mermaid, Philadelphia Flyers, audiobooks, puppies, tea, cake/cupcake decorating, baking

Fun Fact: I love to play fantasy hockey. It’s rewarding to see the look on a guy’s face when they get beat by a girl, especially when it’s sports related. Muwahaha!

On Drexel Co-op: My co-op at The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce gave me the opportunity to work in the art department alongside 2 amazing designers and 1 self-taught web developer wiz. I had the pleasure of working in both print and web which gave me the best of both worlds, but I quickly learned that web design was what I really wanted to pursue. Their web developer showed me how exciting it is to work within the digital space. Whether design or development, it’s rapidly growing and changing. Without the co-op experience, I don’t think I would have went down the web design career path.

On Delphic: After experiencing my co-op, I knew I wanted to work in a place that is creative, casual, fun, professional, smart, web-focused, and nerdy. Bingo! Delphic is my cup of tea. In this type of environment I get to play different roles throughout the projects, not just designer. I’ve been given so much opportunity to grow as an individual and to help Delphic grow as a company. We may be a fairly small company, but we’re growing. And we pack a powerful punch!

Key Takeaway: Drexel Co-op gave me the opportunity to practice non design-related skills such as interviewing, client interaction, writing professionally, multi-tasking, and time management. All of these are valuable to preparing for a job in the future and I’m happy that I was able to practice them before graduation.

Luckily, Delphic Digital is located in close proximity to several universities in the Philadelphia region that have a plethora of great candidates, and Drexel University has proved to be an above average source for just the kind of nerdy, enthusiastic, data-driven talent we are always keeping our eyes out for. Look out for us at upcoming alumni events!

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