Digital Analytics Hub Conference – Part I

Imagine attending a conference with 100+ of the best minds in your field, hosted in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet with honest sharing, impactful learning, superb food, lots of fun, and even whiskey tasting.

This was the awesome experience I had last week attending the Digital Analytics Hub conference in Monterey, CA. The conference boasts “conversations not lectures”, “meaningful networking not just chit chat”, and “the right environment” for learning. And I have to say, they hit the nail on the head in all three areas due to the unique, effective format.

This will be a three-part series about (1) the conference itself and a few thoughts, (2) specific sessions and learnings/ideas stemming from them, and (3) what does it all mean?

So a quick rundown from the DA Hub website on why to attend :

Conversations not lectures

  • Learn through actively participating in a dialogue
  • Ask, challenge, interact, and influence the conversation
  • Be part of the exclusive group of innovators shaping the future of digital analytics and optimization
  • Discover original solutions to your pressing challenges
  • 50 quality discussions moderated by experienced practitioners

Meaningful networking not just chit chat

  • Lock yourself in with 150 leading practitioners for two days
  • Create meaningful connections not just LinkedIn contacts
  • Intimate enough to have continuous two-way knowledge sharing

The right environment

  • Get out of the office and immerse yourself in knowledge exchange
  • Conference location & facilities designed to maximise your learning time
  • We take care of your meals & social activity so you can focus on what matters to you
  • Great social events so you can continue the conversation over a drink and good food

As I said previously, this conference delivered on all of these benefits and then some.

The best part of the Digital Analytics Hub was the fact that it wasn’t a ‘stand and deliver’ type of conference. Instead of sessions with a single speaker and an audience, each of the 50 sessions were delivered as huddles; small, intimate, 15-20 person conversations about a specific topic of interest, moderated by an experienced analytics colleague.

These huddles made all the difference. It will honestly be difficult to attend other conferences that are not in this style after this experience because of the rich discussion, honest dialogue, and deep learning that I believe this huddle format delivered. If you can find a conference in your own domain of expertise with this conversational format, I highly encourage attending.

Check back for part two of this series where I will be discussing some of the specific sessions I attended and the key takeaways for our team here at Delphic.

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