• Brooke Kelly

    When Brooke was a little girl, she wanted to be a wizard, just like her favorite fictional character, Gandalf. Luckily for Brooke, a Business Analyst and a wizard really aren’t too different – it takes magic to strategize exciting solutions for client web projects, elicit business requirements and document them in an organized manner, and […]

  • Laura Oxenfeld

    Laura is a UX and Business Analyst at Delphic Digital. Before that, she spearheaded technical writing, UX research design at a bootstrapped health IT startup. Her background is in qualitative social science research pointed at the human factors of how technology is made. Laura is an enthusiastic evangelist for the Philadelphia tech community and is […]

  • Todd Duchynski

    Famously known as being employee #1, Todd joined the company, (then known as Digital Design Works) in 2000 — an entire year before founder Mark Patten joined, eventually took ownership, and renamed it Delphic Digital in 2004. Yeah, Todd has some serious street cred. With a background in design, he is creative, techy, innovative, and […]